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5 Weeks, 2 Continents

Relive the adventures of Nat Geo's Digital Nomad (@WheresAndrew), who recently took a transatlantic journey from Cape Horn to the Cape of Good Hope. Along the way, Andrew revisited Nightingale Island to check on its recovery from an oil spill, photographed penguins on South Georgia Island, and reported on the death of the President of Malawi while in the country working with a Save the Children program.

Andrew's Most Popular Posts

  • Photo: A collection of travel gear used by Andrew Evans

    My Travel Essentials

    I’ve spent the night in four different countries this week. I went diving on Mexico’s coral reef, was interviewed on French-Canadian television, did laundry in Washington, D.C., and ...

  • Photo: A child watches news reports of the death of Malawi president Bingu wa Mutharika

    At the Scene of Malawi President’s Death

    Yesterday, the President of Malawi, Bingu wa Mutharika, died from a heart attack. I first heard the rumors about the president's failing health ...

  • Photo: King penguins

    King Penguins

    I admit I have a thing for penguins ... but then again, who doesn't? Perhaps it's the way they mimic us humans: walking upright, nuzzling their mates, or slapping each other on the back ...

  • Photo: A rare Inaccessible Island Rail bird

    A Very Rare Bird

    Bird-watchers are one of my favorite species of people to watch. They are curious, motivated by any flash of feathers that passes by their hawkish view. They like to tick lists and they like to ...

  • Photo: A South African child is held by his mother

    The Warm HEART of Africa

    But travel is not always fun. Sometimes it is difficult and frustrating and sometimes it brings us face to face with the most heartbreaking scenes in the world. Even so, I've found ...

  • Video still: A bird resting on a rock on Nightingale Island

    Nightingale Island Reprise

    Despite all the harm that humans inflict upon nature, nature (somehow) still survives. I know the tragic tales of lost wilderness paradise. I am often disheartened by nature's defeat across ...

  • Photo: Ushuaia Light, the last lighthouse in South America

    Cape to Cape

    Nothing thrills quite like a great sea voyage does. To travel across Earth's immense oceans, to feel the true size and expanse of our planet, to roll through at least a million waves ...

  • Photo: A scene from Tristan Da Cunha

    Return to Tristan

    The only thing better than achieving your dream destination is the joy of returning to a place you love. I never thought I'd ever make it to Tristan da Cunha the first time, let alone return to ...

  • Video still: A baby fur seal

    Baby Fur Seal Lament

    With every wave, the muted sea gives birth to a new batch of playful puppies who tumble out onto the rocks. Batches of newborns are learning to swim and like human toddlers and ...

  • Video still: Andrew Evans stands next to the headstone of Sir Ernest Shackleton

    Shackleton’s Shave

    My travel heroes are many but none of them demand the kind of admiration I have for Sir Ernest Shackleton. So far, my sea voyage has followed in the wake of the very first stage of the infamous ...

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