<p>Photo: Kabukicho district</p>

Pedestrians flock to the bright lights of Tokyo’s Kabukicho District, the city’s pulsing center for shopping and nightlife.

Photograph by Puku/SIME-4Corners Images

Mention Tokyo and the images come fast and furious: the whoosh of the bullet train, hundreds of thousands of commuters texting on tiny mobile phones, the precision of a sushi chef, a sumo wrestler thumping the ground. The world’s largest metropolis—nearly 34 million people in commuting distance—may be a blur, but it’s a very genteel one. Look closer and you’ll notice refined touches everywhere: fashion, architecture, manhole covers (yes, manhole covers), the exquisite wrapping of a package, or the way your shoes are magically turned in the right direction when you’re ready to leave the city. All this and Hello Kitty too.

Tokyo Experiences

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    A Local's Guide to Tokyo

    Tokyo may be a city of extremes, but travelers can find the best of it between the ancient and ultramodern.

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    Sights and Bites: Tokyo

    With a cultural map in one hand and a culinary compass in the other, savor the treasured sights, then seek the local bites in Tokyo, Japan.

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    The High Art of Ramen in Tokyo

    When someone mentions ramen, you probably think of those store-bought dried noodles you bring to life with boiling water and a packet of spices. In Tokyo, ramen noodle soup is not fast food; it’s an art form.

  • Guard tower located next to East Gate, Tokyo Imperial Palace, Tokyo, Japan

    A Guide to Kid-Friendly Tokyo

    Find out how Japan's capital mixes tradition with pop culture, creating an ideal destination for parents and teens alike.

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