<p>Photo: Madagascar sifaka sitting on a branch</p>

Ninety percent of the plants and animals found on the island of Madagascar evolved there and nowhere else. All of the country's 70-plus species of lemur—including this sifaka—are considered endangered. To help protect them and other unique species, the government has set aside more than nine million acres (3.7 million hectares) of land.

Photograph by Hermann Erber/Photo Library

Madagascar Features

  • Photo: Woman in Madagascar holding sapphires.

    Madagascar's Pierced Heart

    The island’s geographic isolation created a wonderland of biological richness. Now population pressures and political turmoil speed the plunder of its rosewood, minerals, and gems.

  • <p>Photo: A lemur clings to Madagascar's limestone towers</p>

    Stone Forest

    Madagascar's labyrinth of limestone towers are a haven for strange species and unrivaled scenery.

  • Photo: Kenya safari giraffe sunset

    The New African Safari

    Beyond the game drive, here are new ways to experience the classic trip.

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