<p>Photo: San Cristobal Cathedral in Chiapas</p>

Late-afternoon sun lights up San Cristobal Cathedral in Chiapas, Mexico's southernmost state.

Photograph by Louis Grandadam/Getty Images

World Heritage Guide

  • Photo: People sitting around Maya pyramid

    Chichén Itzá

    Get facts, photos, and travel tips, and see why Chichén Itzá was chosen by our readers as one of the World Heritage sites to be featured in our travel guide.

Mexico Features

  • Photo: Singaporeans walk along the Marina Barrage in Singapore

    Happiness Hot Spots

    See photos of the top happiness hot spots around the world—Denmark, Singapore, Mexico, and San Luis Obispo, California—and discover some of the secrets of thrivers.

  • Photo: Maya honeybee

    The Buzz in Mexico

    A little bee prized by the ancient Maya plays a starring role in a spiritual sojourn.

  • Photo: Monarch butterflies in flight

    In Search of Magic

    Take an incredible journey on the wings of countless butterflies as they flock to central Mexico.

  • Photo: Surfer heading out of the water onto beach

    Family Trip: Sayulita, Mexico

    Go wave riding in Sayulita, Mexico.

  • <p>Photo: A Mexican pyramid</p>

    Pyramid of Death

    At the Pyramid of the Moon in central Mexico, humans and animals were buried alive at sacrifices once witnessed by thousands of spectators.

  • Photo: Flamingos in brine shrimp pigments

    When Flamingos Stick Together

    Flocking together may help these birds boost their odds of survival in a perilous world.

Featured Trip

  • Photo: Whale watching in Baja Mexico

    Baja California and the Sea of Cortez

    On this eight-day expedition led by marine biologists, witness the awe-inspiring gray whale migration, encounter humpback whales and bottlenose dolphins, and snorkel among playful sea lions.

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