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National Geographic's Digital Nomad, or @wheresandrew as he's known on Twitter, spent a month exploring Japan. From the stylish streets of Tokyo to the mountains of Hokkaido, the beautiful city of Hiroshima, and more, Andrew explored the full expanse of the island nation.

Andrew's Most Popular Posts

  • tsukiji-hipstamatic.jpg

    Tsukiji in Hipstamatic

    I kicked off my first day in Japan by waking up super early (4 a.m.!) and heading down to the world-famous Tsukiji Fish Market. A tradition that dates back to the Edo period ...

  • two-tokyos.jpg

    Two Tokyos

    I arrived in Japan two days ago—two days that I spent in Tokyo, two hours of which I spent in two totally different cities, just two blocks apart. I was keen to explore ...

  • buried-alive.jpg

    Buried Alive

    They buried me alive before breakfast. My shallow grave had been dug already; the quiet man in the blue coat simply laid me down inside, pressed my legs tightly together ...

  • sweating-sapporo.jpg

    Sweating in Sapporo

    I spend my first day in Hokkaido sweating with strangers. Although, honestly, I am already sweating when I arrive. The flight lands in a rainstorm of mist and scattered drip-drops ...

  • bad-goes-good-comes.jpg

    Bad Goes, Good Comes

    I met him in the water—that morning, back in Hokkaido. After a week in Japan, I feel more comfortable bathing with strangers in the onsen—perhaps because it happens so often ...

  • japan-in-a-day.jpg

    Japan in a Day

    I wanted to travel across all of Japan in a day. You can do that here, thanks to the incredibly fast bullet train that connects Japan’s major cities ...

  • running-in-hiroshima.jpg

    Running in Hiroshima

    It’s OK to wear black socks with white running shoes in Japan. That’s what I tell myself as I tighten my laces and head down the hall of my hotel. It’s not like I’m going to blend in anyway ...

  • faces-of-japan.jpg

    Faces of Japan

    Travelers know that it’s people who define the places we visit and that it’s often the people that we remember the most ...

  • 101-things-i-love.jpg

    101 Things I Love About Japan

    As my journey in a country comes to an end, I tend to get very sad. Often, my only consolation is to take stock of what I’ve experienced and feel joy for each one ...

  • sayonara-song.jpg

    Sayonara Song

    Saying goodbye might be the hardest part of travel. Despite all the miles I clock and all the countries I visit, I have yet to perfect the process of bidding farewell ...

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