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  • Speakers of a ''hidden'' language speak with researchers.

    Hidden Language Recorded

    A language previously unknown to linguists, and spoken by about 800 people, has been documented in the mountains of northeast India.

  • Photo: Khasi speakers

    Northeast India Workshop

    Learn about the first revitalization workshop in Shillong, Meghalaya, India, that brought together eight young linguists and language activists from across Northeast India.

  • Photo: Mr. Dorji Khandu Thongdok, gambura of Thungri village

    Arunachal Pradesh, India Expedition 2011

    Read the full report from the Enduring Voices team's 2011 expedition to Arunachal Pradesh, India, where they visited five endangered language communities.

  • Photo: Abamu Degio watches a recording of herself

    Arunachal Pradesh, India Expedition 2010

    The Enduring Voices team made its third expedition to Arunachal Pradesh, India in November 2010.

  • Photo: Abamu Degio with her portrait by Chris Rainier, featured in the December 2010 National Geographic article about Koro

    Arunachal Pradesh, India 2011 Photos

    See photos from the Enduring Voices 2011 expedition to Arunachal Pradesh, India, where they visited five endangered language communities.

  • Photo: Ms.Talim Yame & Mr. Durza Libasow, speakers of the Aka language, Palizi Village, Arunachal Pradesh, India

    India Photo Slideshow 2008

    See photos from the Enduring Voices team's expedition to India in November 2008 and view different words translated into the Aka, Monpa, Nishi, and Sherdukpen languages.

  • Photo: Greg Anderson and Ganesh Murmu interview a woman (name withheld) from the Aka tribal group

    India March 2008 Expedition

    A visit by an Enduring Voices team to India's Arunachal Pradesh state has yielded the first-known recordings of several rare and poorly understood languages.

  • Photo: Mrs. Lalom Ramadasow in a wheat field in Palizi Village (Aka language area), Arunachal Pradesh, India

    India November 2008 Expedition

    The Aka group is a perfect case study of a small language currently existing in a fragile equilibrium yet already showing signs of possible endangerment that could lead to eventual extinction.

Meet the Team

  • Photo: Greg Anderson

    Gregory Anderson, Linguist

    Dr. Gregory D. S. Anderson is a linguist who is director of the Living Tongues Institute for Endangered Languages, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the documentation, revitalization, and maintenance of endangered languages.

  • Photo: David Harrison

    David Harrison, Linguist

    K. David Harrison is a linguist and leading specialist in the study of endangered languages. He co-leads the Enduring Voices project at National Geographic and is an associate professor at Swarthmore College.

  • Photo: Chris Rainier, photographer

    Chris Rainier,

    Chris Rainier is considered one of the leading documentary photographers working today. His life's mission is to put on film both the remaining natural wilderness and indigenous cultures around the globe and to use images to create social change.

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Living Tongues

The Enduring Voices Project represents a partnership between National Geographic Mission Programs and the Living Tongues Institute for Endangered Languages.

Talking Dictionaries

  • Image: Tuva flag

    Hear the world's rarest languages for yourself in the Talking Dictionaries that the Enduring Voices Project has created with various communities around the world.

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The Last Speakers

  • Photo: Cover of "Last Speakers" book

    The Last Speakers

    The poignant chronicle of K. David Harrison’s expeditions around the world to meet with last speakers of vanishing languages.


    "The Last Speakers" is now published in Japanese. Read the interview with Dr. Harrison here and purchase the Japanese edition here.

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