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Relive the adventures of National Geographic's Digital Nomad, or @wheresandrew as he's known on Twitter, who explored Mexico's ancient Maya sites.

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  • Photo: View of a ruin carving in Mexico

    The Doomsday Prophecy

    Despite all the speculation, urgent discussion, and global hullabaloo around the so-called “Maya doomsday prophecy,” there is only one actual written record of ...

  • Photo: Tacos being prepared in Mexico.

    Real Tacos

    I encountered my favorite tacos in Yucatán, where they are stuffed with the delectable cochínita pibil: slow-roasted pork marinated in sour orange and topped with onion and ...

  • Photo: View from Calakmul in Mexico.

    Calakmul: Ruin With a View

    My desire for Maya “cosmovision” took me deep into the jungle, to the UNESCO World Heritage site of Calakmul, an ancient Maya city that spanned more than a millennium of civilization....

  • <p>Photo: A pyramid beneath sunburst clouds</p>

    Traveling to the End of the World

    This is why I have come to Mexico: to find out the truth. In lieu of time travel, real travel can take us back into the past and help us understand a lost world. Travel teaches us ...

  • Photo: Izamel in Mexico.

    Izamal: Sacred City

    In the ochre light of dusk, Izamal shines like no other place on Earth. For me, here was the real Mexico I had longed to see: Maya gods sleeping beneath Spanish churches ...

  • Photo: View of a diver in a cenote in Mexico.


    For the ancient Maya, Xibalba (chee-bal-ba) was the underworld, which in their language translates literally as “place of fear." I was trying very hard not to be afraid as I ...

  • Photo: View of ruins at Palenque in Mexico.

    Palenque: New Age

    Palenque’s most well-known ruin is so gigantic, I felt an immediate reverence for the culture and people that were able to construct such a grand piece of architecture. ...

  • Photo: View of Chichen Itza in Mexico.

    Chichén Itzá: Venus Cycle

    As if someone had flipped a switch, the planet Venus appeared directly above the Caracol. The intense “evening star” shone so brightly and right above it was Jupiter, a lesser light but ...

  • Photo: View of Comalcalco ruins in Mexico.

    Comalcalco: Cosmovision

    Traveling to Comalcalco in person did not reveal the revelatory brick that I was searching for, but it granted me an afternoon among some of the most unique Maya ruins in ...

  • Photo: Ruins at Izapa in Mexico.

    Izapa: A Point of View

    Thus I began my investigation of the Maya calendar by traveling back to the ancient site of Izapa—a place “where time began” (according to Dartmouth geographer ...

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