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Norwegian Beauty

Relive the adventures of Nat Geo's Digital Nomad (@WheresAndrew), who explored the cultural and natural beauty of Norway. Along the way, Andrew celebrated Constitution Day in Norway's capital city of Oslo; saw Edvard Munch’s famous painting, "The Scream"; drove through the world’s longest road tunnel; hiked Norway's famous "Pulpit Rock"; licked a glacier; and milked goats in one of Norway's beautiful villages along the great fjords.

Andrew's Most Popular Posts

  • Photo: Goat kiss in Norway

    99 Amazing Things to Do in Norway

    Thus I compiled this little list of things I’ve done and things I still want to do someday whenever I make it back to Norway (you may notice a lot of them include climbing, water, and eating ...

  • Photo: Hiking Preikestolen, Norway's famous "Pulpit Rock"

    Hiking Preikestolen

    Acrophobia is not a “fear of heights,” like everyone says. Acrophobia comes from the Greek root ἄκρον (akron) which means: the farthest bounds or uttermost parts, the end, the extreme—the edge. ...

  • Photo: People gather to celebrate Constitution Day in Norway

    Yes, We Love This Land

    Good travel is all about being in the right place at the right time, and today, May 17th, the right place for me is Norway’s capital: Oslo. What better day to be here than on Constitution Day? ...

  • Photo: A parade of children on Constitution Day, Norway

    Constitution Day

    Indeed, Norway is probably the fairest country on Earth, and Constitution Day celebrates that particular value to the utmost degree: every child in the country gets to march with flag in hand ...

  • Photo: Men play beach volleyball in Bergen, Norway

    Sunburned in Bergen

    For more than two straight weeks, I’ve experienced nothing but sunshine, warmth, and blue skies. Bergen was no different: not a drop of rain fell while I was there. Rather, the sun shone so brightly ...

  • Photo: Hiking to Nigardsbreen Glacier in Jostedal Glacier National Park, Norway

    Licking a Glacier

    Glaciers taste good, as I discovered in Norway. When it’s 85°F outside and you’ve been hiking for an hour, a big mouthful of ancient icepack tastes better than any Slurpee ever could. ...

  • Photo: Ariel view of the city of Alesund by the sea

    Ålesund by iPhone

    This is a city of color, shape, and detail, and taking your time pays off in big ways. Spread across seven islands on the west coast of Norway, this little fishing town of 40,000 is perhaps the ...

  • Photo: The North Way boat in the Oslo Harbor, Norway

    The North Way

    You can study a place your whole life—dream of traveling there, hang your wall with the most compelling travel posters of all time, but none of it will ever compare to arriving there yourself ...

  • Photo: Stairs to the mountain in Florli, Norway

    Stairway to Heaven

    I heard another tale of the longest wooden stairway on Earth: 4,444 steps from the edge of Lysefjord to the top of the mountain in the barely-there village of Flørli. ...

  • Photo: Four different versions of "The Scream" by Edvard Munch, Munch Museum, Oslo Norway


    Skrik is the Norwegian word for “Scream” and that’s exactly the sound I wanted to make when I saw the original painting in the basement of the Munch Museum in Oslo: skrik! ...

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