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Relive the adventures of Nat Geo's Digital Nomad (@WheresAndrew), who explored the cultural and natural beauty of Switzerland. Along the way, Andrew visited the birthplace of the Internet; met with locals who speak the four official languages of Switzerland; tasted the finest Swiss chocolate; filmed BASE jumpers who plunged nearly 2,000 feet; hiked the longest (and thickest) glacier in the Alps; explored the lavish city of Geneva; saw the famous peak of the Matterhorn; and toured all around the country with one single train ticket.

Andrew's Most Popular Posts

  • Picture of a cube of chocolate

    How to Eat Chocolate

    There are no rules for eating chocolate. But like most things, there is a better way. Standing inside the tasting room at La Maison Cailler chocolate factory in the village of Broc, I watch ...


  • Picture of man preparing to cliff jump

    The Men Who Jump Off Cliffs

    It is all very beautiful—I almost want to jump down after them. I want to be a part of what just happened—men diving from the edge of this cliff like it’s the highest high dive on Earth ...

  • Picture of rainbow in Switzerland

    66 Tips to Swiss Bliss

    I’m not sure how long it lasts, this euphoria that follows a month in Switzerland, so while it’s still fresh on my brain, I shall offer a few humble pointers to any and all who should ever want ...

  • Picture of large internet cables

    Where the Web Was Born

    As National Geographic’s Digital Nomad, I longed to visit the place where it all began, that land where the internet was born: Switzerland. (Yes, Switzerland!) Now hold it, wait ...

  • Picture of swiss flowers

    My Favorite Swiss Flower

    My favorite flower in Switzerland is the Holunder, or elderflower. It grows small or in big bush-like trees and if you know what it looks like, you’ll find it. It has shapely green leaves and a tuft of tiny white ...


  • picture of swiss black and white puppies

    Swiss Puppy Dogs

    I want one Bernese mountain dog to go, please. Those of you who follow on Twitter know that I make no secret of my acute dog obsession, seeking them out wherever I travel, and posting ...


  • Picture of a Swiss Flag

    Learning Swiss

    There is no such thing as the Swiss Dictionary. I know because I’ve been searching for one ever since I began plotting my trip to Europe’s little landlocked country in the middle.


  • Picture of a man climbing a glacier

    Travel by Glacier

    “There were three skulls and their teeth were so white!” That’s how my mountain guide began our hike onto Aletsch glacier—by recounting with excitement and detail the condition ...


  • picture of swiss cheese wedge

    Real Swiss Cheese

    “If the cheese has holes, then that’s a problem.” So says Swiss cheesemaker Dominique Yersin as he pats one of his giant wheels of cheese, each one weighing more than 50 pounds.

  • Picture of man jumping in fountain in Geneva Switzerland

    Geneva on Two Million Dollars a Day

    In summer, the Arabs fly north—from Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman, and the Emirates. Some of them arrive in private jets and like the pretty little ducks with red bills, they too settle ...

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