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Bigger and Better in Texas

Relive the adventures of Nat Geo's Digital Nomad (@WheresAndrew), who drove 5,000 miles of Texas roads on a monthlong trip in his home state. Along the way, Andrew went trail running between multicolored sandstone formations of Palo Duro Canyon; caught a glimpse of "the greatest Texan of the 20th century"; devoured the biggest, baddest steak in Texas; met Allison, the one-flippered sea turtle; visited the home of the famous dance team that created the halftime show; learned tips for buying the perfect pair of cowboy boots; saw stars in Austin at SXSW and an astronomical observatory; and compiled the ultimate road trip playlist for Texas.

Andrew's Most Popular Posts

  • 2013 Digital Nomad Andrew Evans Texas

    The Rangerettes

    The Kilgore College Rangerettes were the very first drill team in America; Kilgore's creation of the lively halftime show with synchronized dancing majorettes continues to get fans' attention ...

  • 2013 Digital Nomad Andrew Evans Texas


    It was about 11 o’clock at night, and I was alone at the Marfa Lights View Park when I spotted two pale greenish-white balls of light, hovering over the barren fields ...


  • Picture of a man selling cowboy boots in Texas

    How to Buy Cowboy Boots

    Ever since I touched down in this great state, I’ve been scoping the wide Texas horizon and every boot store and Western-wear depot to find the perfect pair of boots. I finally struck gold ...


  • 2013 Digital Nomad Andrew Evans Texas

    The World's Best Onion Rings

    They were wonderful—lightly colored, perfectly round, flawless, evenly fried rings. I picked up a hot one and bit into it with a gentle crunch. The batter tasted like ...

  • 2013 Digital Nomad Andrew Evans Texas

    The Ultimate Texas Playlist

    Driving more than 5,000 miles around Texas granted me a lot of radio time, and as I traveled across the wide open landscape I discovered some truly brilliant melodies and lyrics ...


  • Picture of Big Bend National Park

    Big Bend National Park

    Nothing smells quite like the desert, especially in March, when the bluebonnets are wide open and blowing their perfume across the dusty expanse—and nothing compares to ...


  • 2013 Digital Nomad Andrew Evans Texas

    The Best Barbecue in Texas

    I chewed the tender, flawless barbecue in my mouth and tasted all of Texas in that first bite. This was a revelation, a whole new level of carnivorous joy that I had achieved ...


  • Picture of the Guadalupe Mountains in Texas

    The Tallest Mountains in Texas

    Bracing myself against the dusty gusts of big Texas wind, I captured these shots of the Guadalupe Mountains and the nearby salt flats in the midst of an impressive dust storm ...


  • 2013 Digital Nomad Andrew Evans Texas

    Driving in God's Country

    The landscape is a plane of red-brown soil that never ends. It is the desolate land from Ezekiel and the wind blows like an Old Testament plague, wanting to push me off the straight and narrow ...

  • 2013 Digital Nomad Andrew Evans Texas

    A Day in Dallas

    It's impossible to fit Dallas into any kind of box. Anyone who travels here can find whatever they want, from Vietnamese food trucks and glossy high-rises that reflect the passing clouds in ...

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