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  1. Feeding the flock!

  2. In the moment!

  3. Seagulls at the beach in Southern Hemisphere!

  4. Sunrise from the cockpit!

  5. Sour milk

  6. You can make it, friends!

  7. Climbing up

  8. Hi mr zebra!

  9. Swim quick, fellows!!

  10. Lake, Mountains, Blue Sky and... Donut!

  11. Fascination with a hummingbird flight

  12. Great Green Macaws kissing each other in a nest of the shape of heart

  13. Angel in the Mud

  14. Viva Pit Senor Sto. Nino

  15. Fountain Fun

  16. Lonely In The Sky Above The Palace Of Love

  17. Never Too Old To Be Stylish

  18. Caught changing gears!

  19. Burmese Elder Enjoys a Cigar

  20. Young Village Girls Laughing

  21. Carefree youth of India

  22. Thirsty to surf

  23. The moment of the explosion with reflection

  24. Enjoying life in the fast lane

  25. Going from the Deep

  26. Conquering Mount Yamnuska

  27. A man fixes a lock on the "Love Lock" Bridge near Notre Dame

  28. Argument at Notre Dam

  29. Keen photographer negotiates bicycles

  30. Invitation

  31. Piece and Quiet

  32. On Fiji Time

  33. Give Way, Penguins Crossing

  34. Fighting rainbow lorikeets

  35. sharing a laughter

  36. keep walking

  37. Simple Life !!

  38. Devotion

  39. Reflections

  40. Old Man

  41. Elephants at Play

  42. Sharing in Laugh in Kathmandu

  43. Flying into Lakes

  44. Best Friends

  45. The Song of Souls!!

  46. Happy friends

  47. efforts at leaving an impression

  48. Full Moon Silhouettes

  49. Star Gazing In Solitude