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  1. Roaming in Rome

  2. Safari

  3. In the belly of the earth

  4. Siboney Beach, Cuba: Man knitting a cap made of palm tree leaves

  5. San Lazaro worshipper in chains, Havana, Cuba

  6. Street singer in Tianjin, China

  7. Rodney the Osprey

  8. Study Abroad Experience in England

  9. Nice is Nice

  10. Layers of the Oregon Cast

  11. "Peak"ing out of the Clouds

  12. North Star of Zion

  13. Birds Flocking on the Pacific

  14. Silent Night at the Marina

  15. Valley of Light

  16. The end of the Line

  17. Market lady

  18. Gateway at Angkor

  19. Balloons over Bagan

  20. Shwe Yan Pyay Monastery, Nyaung Shwe

  21. Noodle Shop

  22. Fishing at Lake Inle

  23. Sule Pagoda, Yangon

  24. Sunrise Over Bagan

  25. springtime in the rockies

  26. Emerald Flight

  27. Off in the Distance

  28. Holder of Infinite Light

  29. The Forgotten Shrine of the Kiyomizu Temple

  30. A Sense of Serenity

  31. Black on White

  32. Local Daydream

  33. The hunger game

  34. Like a young Tarzan

  35. A chance meeting

  36. Humming Bird

  37. Stop for a Rest

  38. Fight in Flight

  39. Meditation on the transience

  40. The last beat of winter

  41. A Boy Alone With His Thoughts...

  42. Rainy Day in India...

  43. The Kite Boys of Kushinigar...

  44. Rodney's Release

  45. Waiting for the rainy season

  46. Good morning, Deer!

  47. Bloom Where You Are Planted

  48. Pegasus without Wings

  49. Good day to fly a kite.