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  1. Reflections of Times Past

  2. Lone Tree

  3. Lunch In Elqui Valley

  4. A walk of Faith

  5. "Who? Oh, me?"

  6. Flight to Kilt Rock

  7. Taj Pinkies

  8. The Moving Quiraing

  9. Taj, my backyard

  10. Grand Mosque from the East

  11. Grand Mosque in Black and White

  12. Sweta's hands in marriage

  13. Gelato in Vernazza

  14. Trinidad and Tobago's Endangered Treasure

  15. Meringue Pie Landscape

  16. Penitente

  17. Adobe old city. Yazd, Iran.

  18. Sacred and Profane: Beetle Fighting in Northern Thailand

  19. A namaste and a blessing!

  20. ZEBRA

  21. A moment of Reflection

  22. Grube Anina

  23. Lake Michigan surf

  24. Peek-a-boo, I see you.

  25. My Fish, No Mine

  26. Gimme That!

  27. Shifting position

  28. On the Hunt

  29. Wooden Dock at the Oak Harbor Marina

  30. Cascade Loop Hwy 20 Washington

  31. Striated Divot Iceberg

  32. Off the needle

  33. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Abu Dhabi

  34. Wooden Dhows and modern buildings at sunset on Dubai Creek

  35. This little piggy went to market

  36. Fishermen returning to La Cotinière Harbour, Oléron

  37. Bubble blowing wizard Plaza Mejor Christmas Market Madrid

  38. Net fishing from plastic bottle floated raft in Cuba

  39. Old garden door off the tourist trail in Hammamet, Tunisia

  40. Oyster houses beside channel Isle of Oleron, France

  41. Late for Breakfast

  42. From Darkness to Light

  43. Night hunt

  44. Spontaneous moment

  45. The Visible Minority

  46. come home scene

  47. The falls on Weavers creek in Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada

  48. Pyramid of the Sun as viewed from pyramid of the Moon, Mexico

  49. Domtar paper mill in town of Espanola, Ontario Canada