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  1. Splendid Spring

  2. Sheltered

  3. Fire in the Sky

  4. The Mask

  5. China Doll

  6. Soaring and Honking Red Crested Crane

  7. Beautiful and Thirsty Butterfly

  8. The procession of San Vincenzo Ferrer in Fallo, Chieti, Abruzzo, Italy

  9. Fireworks celebrate the end of winter during Hot Sulphur Days!

  10. A carriage horse takes a well- earned break in the Piazza della Rotonda, in

  11. Sea Lavender grows on the beach on Long Island, The Bahamas.

  12. Mule deer buck on the trail of a herd of does during rutting season.

  13. A Return to La Parrocchiale di San Giovanni Battista, Fallo, Italy

  14. Working woman

  15. A moment of peace and quiet

  16. Moon Valley Girl

  17. Paradise Dive

  18. Lowry Pueblo, Canyons of the Ancients

  19. Spruce Tree House on Luminaria Night

  20. The Bold Blue Footed Booby

  21. Road to the Andes

  22. "Happy Feet"

  23. Acropolis within Acropolis

  24. Turquoise turtle and tropical flowers

  25. 25th anniversary and in love

  26. Catch the light

  27. Glacier Walk

  28. Asleep

  29. What's for dinner - catfish!!

  30. Open Wide Please!!


  32. Flight of the Condor

  33. Hawaiian Golden hour

  34. Waterworld

  35. King of the Hill

  36. Snow Horse

  37. Letters in the forest

  38. Floating Traffic

  39. King in the Shadows

  40. Pilot Bay at night.

  41. The Road Not Taken

  42. Peaking Out on the World

  43. Flute Boy

  44. A touch of light

  45. God is a manatee, nature is my religion

  46. Stationary silversides

  47. Hard to digest

  48. Manatee photobomb

  49. Silky Frenzy