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  1. The Frozen Pond with Mist in Hokkaido

  2. Shades of Blue with Snowfall

  3. Frozen Pond in Hokkaido

  4. The lady to shoot the "blue pond" of Hokkaido.

  5. Take pictures of "the blue pond" in Hokkaido!

  6. The lady stands on the hill in Hokkaido

  7. The Hill with Rich Green in Hokkaido

  8. The Traveller who came to Hokkaido

  9. With Cold Rain,Hokkaido

  10. The Spring Colors in Hokkaido

  11. Blue Pond-The Snowstorm in May

  12. Blue Pond-The Snowfall in May

  13. Blue Pond-Spring Snow Colors

  14. Powder Blue Pond

  15. The little bird to endure a snowstorm

  16. The Carp Streamers Dance in The Snowstorm