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Our digital explorer, Andrew Evans, has just finished a two-month adventure in Australia, dropping us clues each day to help us follow him. Look back through the clues and see if you can guess the locations. And don't forget to follow him on Twitter to stay up to date on his upcoming adventures.



Andrew's Most Popular Blog Posts

  • Photo: Andrew Evans in Australia

    Mustering Brumbies

    Rounding up wild horses, like everything else, is different in Australia, as Andrew learned first-hand at Kings Creek.

  • 31818.jpg

    Happy Australia Day!

    After traveling here for more than seven weeks, I have a much better sense of this remarkable country and its people. Still, that didn't prepare me for the jubilant celebrations that mark Australia Day.

  • Photo: Man in pool

    Video: The Colors of Uluru

    Visiting a world famous icon always carries high expectations, while true travel always offers an extra element of surprise. Australia's Uluru didn't disappoint.

  • Andrew's Feet.jpg

    Way Out Woop Woop

    Most of Australia is gloriously empty. Perhaps that's why I love it so much here.

  • Uluru.jpg

    The People and the Rock

    Hundreds of Aboriginal languages are still spoken in Australia today. Here, Andrew says "thank you" in Pitjantjatjara, a language spoken by only 4,000 people.

  • Photo: Shark swimming

    Cute Cuddly Sharks

    Sharks can be found throughout Australia's waters, and our digital nomad Andrew Evans gets up close and personal with a few.

  • Photo: Andrew Evans snorkels near coral in Australia

    Diving the Great Barrier Reef

    Diving in the Great Barrier Reef was a lifelong dream for Andrew Evans. The abundance of life was unlike anything he'd ever seen.

  • BOFTitle.jpg

    The Bay of Fires

    Andrew Evans wanders the coastline of Tasmania's Bay of Fires, and stays at an eco-friendly hideaway that blends in with the gorgeous landscape.

  • Photo: plants in front of the tide-line in Fraser Island.

    Christmas in Paradise

    Andrew Evans spends the holidays on Fraser Island in Australia, wishing it was a picture perfect as a postcard.

  • Tasmanian devils.

    Video: Tasmanian Devils

    Andrew Evans visits a sanctuary to learn more about the rare, endangered Tasmanian Devil, which are only located in Tasmania.

  • Picture of a platypus from above

    A Platypus Encounter

    Andrew Evans fulfills a lifelong dream when he spots a platypus in the wild while traveling through Tasmania.

  • Oprahcropped-thumb-625x907-thumb-300x435.jpg

    Where's Andrew? Starstruck in Syndey

    Andrew Evans and Oprah Winfrey trade travel experiences in Australia.

  • IMG_8143.JPG

    Where's Andrew? My First Kangaroo

    Andrew Evans encounters his first living, breathing kangaroo in Australia.

  • Great Ocean Road Video.jpg

    Video: Driving the Great Ocean Road

    Andrew Evans drives the Great Ocean Road, which stretches for over 150 miles along Australia's Southeast coast.

  • Lucksmiths-thumb-625x416.jpg

    Music in Melbourne

    How did Melbourne become any indie music hub? Andrew Evans pals around with the bandmembers from The Lucksmiths to find out.

  • Where's andrew balloon boy.jpg

    Balloon Boy

    On Andrew's first day in Melbourne, he explores the city and surrounding areas from above in a hot air balloon.

  • Flying tease.jpg

    Flying to Oz

    Andrew Evans records his long strange flight to Australia.

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